High Noon BJJ @ The DC Open

Huge Congratulations to everyone that competed at the DC Open this weekend! Many students posted impressive results even though training has been sporadic as we work towards getting High Noon BJJ up and running.

John Prado – Silver, Master 1 Brown, Feather
Rich Fitzgerald – Bronze, Master 2 Nogi Brown, Middle
Travis DePriest – Bronze, Adult Purple Feather; Gold, Nogi Adult Purple Feather, Silver, Nogi Adult Purple Absolute
Tinah Ruth Chang – Gold, Adult Blue Light-Feather; Gold, Adult Blue Nogi Light-Feather
Fiona Martell – Bronze, Adult Blue, Light, Gold, Adult Blue Nogi, Light

It’s hard going out and putting everything on the line at big tournaments, but we are better every time we do it. Congrats to those athletes that competed and see everyone on the mats!