Academy Rules

Be Respectful
  • Be on time for class! Your teammates need YOU on the mats.
  • Greet the instructor when you enter the mat area.
  • If you are late, wait for the instructor to acknowledge you before you step onto the mats.
  • Refrain from chatter while the instructor is teaching.
  • Drill the techniques your instructor provides during class time.
  • Train hard! Your progress depends on your own effort.
Mind Your Hygiene!
  • Wear clean, dry gi or nogi attire to EVERY class. BJJ is a close quarters sport and you owe it to your teammates to wear clean gear to class.
  • Always ensure your nails are trimmed and filed before coming to class. Excessively long finger and toenails can cause serious lacerations to your teammates.
  • Avoid coming to class if you are suffering from any type of communicable illness.
Be Safe!
  • Tap early and often! Being healthy enough to continue training is always more important than escaping a submission in training.
  • Always apply submission holds with appropriate care and allow your training partners ample time to tap. Take care of each other!
  • Take care of yourself. If you’re injured, take the time you need to heal up before returning to training. I promise that BJJ will be there when you get back.