John Prado

Brown Belt Instructor
Brief info

Coach John Prado started his grappling journey with high school wrestling. After finishing high school, he returned to coach for many years before taking a long hiatus from the mats. Upon returning, John began training under the late Dave "The Rock" Jacobs as a white belt and eventually received his  his Brown Belt in June of 2017. Initially, John wanted a fun way to lose weight and stay healthy but it was not long before he found himself in love with BJJ and competing frequently.

These days you can find John competing successfully at both local and IBJJF tournaments, passing along techniques to students, and always ready for a tough training session. Coach John's teaching style focuses heavily on breaking down complex movements into smaller, more manageable drills, and chaining them together again as students master each individual movement.

Recent Competitive Achievements
• 2018 IBJJF DC Spring Open, Silver Medalist, Master 1 Brown - Feather
• 2017 US Grappling, Gold Medalist,  Brown Belt - 162.1 Ibs - 175.5 lbs
• 2017 US Grappling, Bronze Medalist - Brown Belt - Absolute
• 2015 US Grappling Submission Only – Nogi Advanced – 149.1 – 162 lbs. – First Place
• 2015 IBJJF NY Summer Open, Gold Medalist, Masters 1 Purple – Feather
• 2015 IBJJF NY Spring Open Nogi, Gold Medalist, Masters 1 Purple  – Feather
• 2014 IBJJF NY Summer Open, Gold Medalist, Master 1 Blue – Feather
• 2013 IBJJF NY Summer Open, Gold Medalist, Master 1 Blue – Feather