Tyler Murphy

Brown Belt Instructor
Brief info

Our resident leg locker, Coach Tyler began training in December of 2013 after dropping into a class at Kaizen MMA. He received his purple belt from Coach Kyle Dalton in 2017, who shortly after retired from coaching due to injury concerns. As he searched for a new gym to call home, Coach Tim reached out about the opening of High Noon and he has been here ever since. In 2020, he received his brown belt from Coaches Tim and Matt in recognition of his toughness, skill, dedication, and hard work, and currently teaches a submission grappling class focused on leg locks on Monday nights. Coach Tyler also frequently works one on one with leg lock expert Eddie Cummings to expand and improve his leg lock arsenal.

An avid competitor, Coach Tyler can frequently be seen competing in local events and super fights, and has racked up multiple medals over his years of competition. He is constantly working to refine his game and evolve the use of leg locks in the sport, and can be found at the gym training with his peers almost daily.