• High Noon Custom Gi
    White Toro BJJ gi beautifully embroidered with the classic High Noon logo. Limited availability. Available in A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5
  • The "Kizuna" - Long Sleeve Rashguard
    High quality, fully sublimated, long sleeve rashguard. The Japanese word "Kizuna" - represented on the sleeve and back of the rashguard - translates to "bond" in the English language. Its representation in the Japanese language references the roots of our beloved martial art and its meaning hearkens back to our late instructor David "The Rock" Jacobs' chosen motto for his academy - "Per Unitatem Vis." This phrase - which is latin for "Through unity, strength" - perfectly recalls the lasting bond, or kizuna, he fostered between his many friends and students.
  • Retro Tank
    Essential High Noon apparel for the summer. Retro pastel logo on a high-quality gray, athletic-cut tank top.
  • High Noon Basic Tee
    High Noon basics. Deep red logo on high-quality, heather grey, athletic cut tee
  • Short Sleeve Rashguard
    High quality, fully sublimated rashguard featuring the High Noon logo and a specialized recollection of the late, great David “The Rock” Jacobs’ former logo.
    Sold Out
  • High Noon Patch SET
    High Noon gi patches for when you really need to rep the set. Includes one large 10" patch and one small 4.5" patch.